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"The Art Of The Sale"


“What do you want most for your children?” the author was asked. “If you were to die tomorrow, you would want them to be able to take care of their needs.” “Selling is how you do that,” said the sales trainer.

It’s often said that sales make the world economy move or work, and I certainly think that’s true. However, what I believe is missing in the discussion is that sales is also how we change the world. Sales is how ideas are brought to life. Think about it – some of the most important, culture shifting ideas really need a good sales person! I also see it as something else, a vehicle if you will – a vehicle that can help one develop autonomy (personal freedom and self-direction) and I believe that is right up there with oxygen.

The sales environment also encourages growth or mastery. As humans we like to get better, to grow, this gives life meaning and value. Sales also has a tangible nature to it that provides purpose. Please know I’m not suggesting there isn’t other work that gives life purpose, there certainly is. What I have found though, is that few things are as accessible.

So yes, sales can pay your bills and no matter what your occupation is, you are in sales. Every day you have to sell yourself, you have to convince those around you that what you have is worth buying. You did that when you asked your spouse to marry you and when you went on that job interview. If you can sell you can be successful but you need to know and believe in what you sell whether it’s yourself or a product.

This interview is brilliant and in short order lays out some of the basic ground rules. Click here to hear more about Philip Delves Broughton’s book: The Art of the Sale

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