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Lessons Learned on the Field

Lessons Learned on the Field

I love J.J. Watt. I mean just look at this photo of him, he is committed! Despite being ranked only a 2-star recruit and the No. 7 rated prospect from Wisconsin, Watt was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in his 4th season as an NFL player with the Houston Texans. In a recent Sports Illustrated article, Watt was speaking about passion, “Right now I’m trying to take every day so seriously and so passionately that I might be sacrificing aspects of life that other people seem to enjoy and tell me how great they are,” says Watt. “Instead, I’m thinking about a practice rep that nobody remembers. That’s what I am thinking about on a Tuesday night when I go to sleep. Maybe that makes me crazy.” Or successful.

Watt’s quote on the image: “If there’s a day that goes by that I don’t give it my all, I can’t have that day back. That day is gone.” Watt is not only committed, he’s committed to making the most of every day, every minute of every day count – even if he has to sacrifice something. I believe he is a talented player but it’s his attitude, commitment and leadership on the field that sets him apart.

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