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It's More Accessible and Simple Than You Think


No matter what your job or career path, chances are you work with people.

While we’d like to think it’s only our talent, job skills or plain hard work that gets us ahead in life, more often than not, it’s our people skills that really determine success.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “people buy people”. All other factors being equal, what sets apart a product or a service is how likeable or trustworthy the salesperson was, making you want to go with them instead of the competition. They “buy” you, not the product you are selling.

How others feel about you or react to you determines your influence with them. Do people buy into what you say? We all know certain people that everyone just wants to be around, they brighten up a room and the room almost dims when they leave. Wouldn’t it be great to be THAT person?

What we are really talking about here is your personal brand and the traits that build or develop your influence. John C. Maxwell advises us that “If you increase your influence, you increase your leadership.”

If you want to increase your influence and leadership abilities, you don’t have to make big changes. Start small. Some of the most important actions for your business and personal life include:

  • Being a good listener
  • Keeping your word
  • Having good manners

Todd Smith is a mentor and friend. Recently on his blog, Little Things Matter, he discussed the importance of personal attributes: Top 10 Soft Skills to Master.

Through making small changes, you’ll soon discover the difference it makes in the quality of your relationships with others, personally and professionally. Small steps lead to success.

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